Creating Calligraphy Place Cards

Photo by  Rebecca Yale

Photo by Rebecca Yale

Time: approximately 3 minutes per card (175 tags x 3 minutes = almost 9 hours!)

Budget for Materials: $200.00


  1. Paper tags
  2. Spool/Roll of ribbon
  3. Calligraphy nib, pen and Ink: see my DIY Calligraphy Starter Kit blog
  4. Scissors
  5. Guest list!

Tips and Tricks

  • Always order about 10% extra tags to account for mistakes.
  • Make sure the tags are made with smooth paper. The rougher it is, the more the nib will snag when writing.
  • Ribbon rolls can be found cheaper in the garment district in NYC!
  • Larger number of paper tags may need to be ordered at a place like Paper Presentation
  • If you have extra time and want to save money, you can order a tag punch like this one and purchase large paper sheets to cut them out yourself