DIY Wooden Chalkboard

photo 4-2.jpg

Time: 2-3 hours depending on coats of paint/drying time

Budget: $20.00

Final Price: $12.78 after 25% off (I already had some of the materials!)


Chalkboard Materials
  1. Chalkboard paint: $4.49
  2. Wood slice: $8.24
  3. Chalk marker: $3.00
  4. Brush: (any will do!)
  5. Sandpaper: (if handy)


  1. Sand the wood for a few seconds to make it smoother. 
  2. Shake the chalkboard paint container and paint the wood slice with an even coat of paint. I decided to paint out and leave a little boarder as to not paint out to the bark. (Repeat when dry, 1 or 2 more times!)
  3. Once completely dry, write your quote or word with the chalk pen to make it last longer than if you were just to use chalk.

Tips and Tricks

  • Once dry, it might be easier if you sketch your quote or word with a piece of chalk just to check spacing. Once you've got the spacing right, clean off the chalkboard with a moist paper towel and then use the chalk marker.
  • I purchased materials at the Michaels on Columbus avenue in NYC instead of ordering (no shipping & handling)
  • Michaels  always has coupons handy on their site so always check when you visit the store! I got an extra 25% off my entire purchase on this visit!