DIY Calligraphy Starter Kit


About a year ago my husband bought me my own Calligraphy starter kit and it opened a whole new world to me! I loved learning how to put together my pen and how to create the perfect strokes to my letters.

Calligraphy starter kits range anywhere between $30.00 and $70.00 and they all bring the same basic materials. Here is my recipe for a Do-It-Yourself Calligraphy Starter Kit!

Where to Get It

What to Get

  1. Nikko G Nib (2)
  2. Hunt Oblique Penholder (1)

  3. Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad:9x12 (1) - cheapest at Dick Blick!

  4. Higgins Eternal Ink (1) - cheapest at Dick Blick!

Tips & Tricks

  • Make a list of materials needed and research who has it cheaper. 
  • If you're located in NYC, I suggest taking a trip to any Dick Blick location for most of the listed materials or a trip to Kinokuniya (downstairs) if you're in midtown // Kinokuniya is pen heaven but it wont have most of the materials on the list. This will cutdown on shipping & handling!
  • I suggested the marker pad because its great smooth paper but you don't have to get it if you're starting out. Smooth printer paper will work just as good. Tracing paper will not work good. It's not thick enough to hold the ink.