What's in my camera bag?

Here are is all the gear and items I keep in my every day camera bag:

Everything in my camera bag on a typical shoot day

Everything in my camera bag on a typical shoot day

What's in the bag?

  1. My one and only body, my Canon 5d mark ii. It's an old body that isn't really sold anymore but it still works great and its such an amazing camera.
  2.  I always have my Canon 50mm 1.4. It is by far my favorite lens. It is lightweight, has great focus and I've been using it for years so I am very comfortable with it.
  3. My newest baby, my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L. For years, I avoided any zoom lens but after reading reviews and renting it, I fell in love. It is crisp, easy to use, has good focus and allows me to get close without having to get too near my subject.
  4. For years, I shot without a flash but the more weddings I shot, the more I knew I needed it. A few months ago I picked up the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT and I've really liked it. It's easy to use and hasn't misfired on me yet. It's fast and reliable but I really would like to get a battery pack for it. That's really it as far as equipment goes. 

What else? 

  1. Extra batteries! I cannot express how important it is to carry extra batteries. I always carry at least one extra camera battery, I make sure my flash batteries are fully charged before I leave and I like to carry a little external phone charger. I've liked the Jakery Mini Phone Charger. Its lightweight and gives me about a full charge and a half. It’s so useful when I’m low and need to navigate to a new location.
  2. Wires - Carrying extra USB wires to transfer or dump content in between shoots, extra charger cables, and a USB wire for my external hard drive. Carrying these is always a lifesaver!
  3. External Hard drive - I almost always like to carry my external hard drive with me. I never know when I will need to transfer content or send images to a client.
  4. Extra Memory Cards - I cannot stress enough how important it is to carry extra memory cards. On an everyday shoot, my 32GB card is more than enough but sometimes, I may have a wedding that I'm still editing on my card or something like that so I carry an extra 16GB and a 4GB just in case. 
  5. Personal Items - My wallet, a lipstick, a pencil, mints for myself and my clients and a water bottle. Each of these items has come in handy in almost every one of my shoots. A lipstick can come in handy not only for me but if my client needs a touch up or a quick cheek tint! Mints always save the day... I don't think I need to explain. ha! Finally, a water bottle. There have been so many times when I'm shooting for a few hours in the middle of nowhere or even worse, in the middle of Central Park where a water bottle can sometimes be $4! Bringing my own is always better.
All snug in the Chelsea!

All snug in the Chelsea!

All of these fit comfortably in my Chelsea Camera Bag. It gets a little heavy but not nearly as heavy as my Wedding Day camera bag get up! 

I'd love to hear some of your every day camera bag items!