An Ode to Summer 2014

This summer was filled with so much fun and so much love. Early this season, I decided to invest more and more time and attention in photography and calligraphy and its been so much fun - and so time consuming!  All in all, I really got to enjoy summer. Here are a few of my favorite moments <3

This year I spent 4th of July with my mom and my family-in-law. When I married my husband, I didn't understand how amazing his family was. I am so grateful that I get to grow old with them too.

My husband and I serve in the Kids Ministry at our church Christ Tabernacle. We always dress up for our lessons but this time we decided to be "Katy Blueberry" and "Justin Bieberson." The kids loved it and we had so much fun!

This summer I also continued to read the Harry Potter series - FOR THE FIRST TIME! It's been so great. I feel lucky that I get to read them as an adult they take me back to a magical time where anything is possible.

My husband's best friend got married this summer. I took this photo at their Bridal Shower. Watching my husband love and support his best friend made me really think about friendship in this season and made me evaluate what kind of friend I am. I'm so grateful for this.

There came a point in the summer where I realized that it was almost over and that I hadn't spent enough time with all of my nephews and nieces so we spent a day with them at the park. It was amazing. In this photo from left to right: my sister Maria, my nephews Matthew and Caleb, my niece Ysabela, my nephew Gabriel, myself and my dad.

It's not summer unless we get piraguas (shaved ice) at the park every single time! 

We really try to enjoy my niece and my nephew (my godson!) every time they visit so this time I had my nephew help me with an activity - repotting my plants. How fun!

What can I say about this moment? Here we are dancing at our friends Jessica and Aaron's wedding. It was one of the greatest nights of our lives. It was filled with so much love and so much freedom; here's to new beginnings!

This year was my sister's 40th birthday. It was a magical day. We all came together to make it memorable and to celebrate her. It was beautiful! It was also great because I got to spend some special time with my sister in law taking a watercolor class at West Elm Brooklyn and then rushing home to make these beauties!

Summer 2014, you've been amazing. You were filled with so many laughs, so many adventures, brunches, game nights and exciting work sessions. We are so sad to see you go!