Review - "Modern Calligraphy I" Class with Jenna Rainey

In August, I took "Modern Calligraphy I" with Jenna Rainey at the West Elm DUMBO location. It was spectacular.

In case you've never heard of Jenna, let me introduce you... She is AMAZING! She is a dreamy calligrapher and oh-so-amazing watercolor-er ((?) haha). Feel free to check her work out at Mon Voir and her instagram @JennaMRainey

"Modern Calligraphy I" with Jenna Rainey

Materials: The class came with 1 nib, 1 straight pen holder, paper, a clip board, a small container of ink and a letter and number template sheet. I brought along my oblique pen holder and she gave me tips for it too.

Price: The class was priced at $200 for 2 hours which is by far the most expensive Modern Calligraphy class, per time, that I've ever purchased; (granted, part of the proceeds went to a charitable organization). Even in NYC, that's on the expensive side but I decided to go for it simply to get to meet and learn from Jenna. In my opinion, it was worth every penny for a person who knows a little about calligraphy and wants to meet someone like Jenna that has been doing it for a while especially since she is not usually on the East Coast. It's definitely more affordable than flying to one of her classes in Cali!

Time and Attention: The class was 2 hours long and had about 12 students. At first I was a little worried that we wouldn't get enough time but it was perfect. The class never felt over crowded and Jenna's technique has so much freedom of expression that once you got the hang of working the calligraphy pen, it didn't take long to work through the alphabet on your won. She paid really close attention to each student and was always great at adjusting the way we held the pen, paper and handled spacing, etc. 

Class Instruction: The time spent speaking to Jenna was definitely the most valuable part of the class for me. She shared all the details about what kind of nibs are good for what kind of jobs and where to purchase nibs, paper, etc. She also talked about how/when to use guache and what kind of ink she uses - which I was dying to know ever since I purchased her Calligraphy Starter Kit on Etsy last year!

Overall Review and Feedback: I really enjoyed learning with Jenna and would recommend taking a "Modern Calligraphy I" class with her. It's fun, low pressure and you really come away with a good foundation to make it your own. -- I'd really like to see take a "Modern Calligraphy II" class with Jenna that specifically focuses on flourishing and digitizing (although that may be a Modern Calligraphy III class!) and I'd really like to have an entire day of instruction which gives more time for 1 on 1 instruction and feedback.