Review - "Floral Watercolor" Class with Jenna Rainey

In case you've never heard of Jenna, let me introduce you... She is AMAZING! She is a dreamy West Coast based calligrapher and oh-so-amazing watercolor-er ((?) haha). Feel free to check her work out at Mon Voir and her instagram @JennaMRainey

In August, I took "Intro to Watercolor" with her at the West Elm DUMBO location in Brooklyn, NY. It was spectacular.

"Floral Watercolor" with Jenna Rainey

Materials: The class came with an entire watercolor kit that included 6 individually packaged paints, a section for mixing, pencil, 1 brush, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 small pad of paper, an additional set of 3 differently sized brushes, large sheets of blank paper on a clipboard and an instructional sheet that explained a bit of color theory.

Time and Attention: The class was 2 hours long and had about 7 students. The class was small enough that we all received tons of 1 on 1 attention but not too small that I felt like everyone was watching me and since it was my very first stab at watercolor, that made me feel great!

Price: The class was priced at $200 for 2 hours which seemed pricey (a portion of the proceeds were donated to a charitable organization) but I love her work so I decided to reserve a seat for myself and one for my sister in law as a gift. I knew she would love it! . Since I've never taken a painting, drawing or watercolor, etc., class then I don't really know where it falls in the spectrum but for the amount of instruction and attention I received, it was worth it. 

Class Instruction: Jenna was helpful and really knowledgable when it came to mixing colors, getting shapes right and really open to sharing what brands she linked and where to order them. I particularly appreciated her transparency since I know a lot of artists don't like to share their "secrets." As far as watercolor painting, Jenna has a really relaxed and free/fluid style. She translates that really well and gives clear instructions. Since it was my first time, and probably since I am not a painter by any account, I had a lot of trouble but she was so patient and took out time to help me get the strokes right. 

Overall Review and Feedback: I really enjoyed learning "Floral Watercolor" with Jenna and feel I've learned a lot of foundational elements that will help to support my calligraphy. I thought I'd include a little example of what I learned. Before attending Jenna's watercolor class, I had never experimented with painting or watercolor and the very next day, I created this in one sitting. This class was worth every moment.