Finding a Professional Photographer

My husband and I will be traveling to Ireland in a few weeks and want to do a holiday shoot while we are away. Its the first time in a long that that I've had to look for a new photographer in a new place. Here is how I went about it!

1. Check the wedding blogs for photographers in your wanted location

My favorite wedding blog is   100 Layer Cake  . I typed "Ireland" into the search box.

My favorite wedding blog is 100 Layer Cake. I typed "Ireland" into the search box.

2. Choose your favorite post and scroll to the bottom for details

3. Find them on Instagram! - I loved Poppies and Me's work!

Tip: Take a look at who they are following! Most likely they are following other photographers from the same location that have the same style.

Photographers we found in Ireland via #Instagram:


4. Make a list of their sites and listed contact info and write up a general email

"Hello!  I found your work via Instagram and fell in love with your style! You are absolutely amazing.  My husband and I will be on holiday in location, month, dates and would love to try and sneak in a photo session while we are visiting. 

  • Would you be at all available for a session between date-date in location?
  • What are your rates for a 1-2 hour session and how and when do you prefer payment?
  • What is included in your price?

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Best, Liz"

Other Tips and Tricks

  • If you know someone in that location, ask around for any recommendations. That is how I found Condoh Photography.
  • Check Lonely Planet or even Buzzfeed for dreamy locations you may want to shoot in.