Recent Logo and Design Work

Recently, I've been asked more and more to design t-shirts, logos, etc. They have been so much fun! Below are a few of my favorite pieces I have worked on and pieces I am currently working on.

1. T-Shirt design for the Blink Conference. Tash from Ike&Tash contacted me a few months ago to collaborate on this piece. I was floored. They are an amazing duo and I couldn't believe they would think of me to co-lab. This piece was so much fun to work on! Digitized by the amazing Loreni Cespedes.

2. Another co-lab with Ike&Tash for G.L.A.M. Camp . This is just a rough sketch so far and I'm waiting for approval to digitize. Can't wait to see the final product!

3. This is a funny story actually. A few weeks ago Alexis June Weddings contacted me for a piece of a logo design. I worked on a bunch of different options for approval just to then realize that it was supposed to say "develop"! Haha! Lesson of the night, read and re-read all instructions.

I can't wait to share final pieces with you!