3 Month Old Ava - Evening Home Session

With the holidays coming, and extra travel underway, I had to pleasure of traveling to NY to meet my sweet baby niece, Ava. We arrived in the evening and Ava arrived just a little while later. I observed and captured her nightly rituals surrounded by family; my mom, uncle and aunt, cousin Pablo and Ava's dad, my cousin David. What a sweet night.

Garcia Family Portrait Session in Wynwood, Miami

This week, my sister came to visit us in Miami which meant fun days with my delicious nephews! On one of their days here, we decided to do a quick family photo session in Wynwood. Lesson of the day, Miami is so much hotter than I thought! Everyone did great!

I asked each of the boys to bring their favorite thing. Matthew of course brought along books and his super cool sunglasses. Caleb brought his bible and his iphone! ha! and Gabriel brought along "Green Monkey." Cuties!

Surprise Central Park Engagement

A few months ago, William contacted me via my site and asked if I would be willing to photograph his surprise engagement in Central Park. How could I resist?!

I met William and Cassie outside of Central Park where they were going to take a carriage ride through the park. I casually walked up to them and said I was a NYC photographer and I was prepping for a shoot. I asked if they would be willing to pose for me and that I'd send them the photo free of charge (to keep the plan a surprise and not make Cassie suspicious!) They said yes! I think she was just so amazed by the perfection of the day in this shot. 

I left them to take the carriage ride and headed uptown to the Bow Bridge. When she first spotted me, she thought it was such a funny coincidence but little did she know, William had planned it all out. He dropped down on one knee and proposed!

William arranged for an engagement shoot directly after their proposal so I ventured to get to know Central Park with the newly engaged couple!

Congratulations to the happy couple!